“Chan’s View”


The Piano Craft Gallery presents:

"Chan's View"
artwork by Charles Crump (Chan)

Show Dates: May 8, 2021

 Opening Reception: May 8, 6-8PM
(social distancing and masks required)



Chan's View:

In honor of his late Wife:

Toni S.Harrison, who passed shockingly, and suddenly, at the young age of 42 years old.

On May 22nd 2020.

Due to the world's pandemic, Chan was not able to have a funeral service for her, so he decided to memorialize her with something and she knew he was in love with ART.

Charles Crump (Chan) is a self-taught artist, born and raised in the Dorchester area of Boston.  He uses paint as a replacement to the life-altering antidepressants prescribed, giving art life full authority over his world, that allowed him to relive the past life in present time, healing the little broken boy within himself.

While in his figure out of cure, he fell deeply in love and forever connected, with returned love of emotions that impregnated the mind with ideas, that became a must to birth.

His artworks, if placed in order of birth days, will give proof to his deep dark depression journey, into the beautiful multicolored light that was patiently waiting for him at the end of that zoning tunnel.

The whole good, and bad process,  gave great habits of masturbating the brush, foreplay with canvas, splashing paint in excitement, to create embryos into babies,  fathering uncountable amounts of seeds remembered, but always seeking adoption from good homes.


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