CURRENT MOOD SERIES—Contemporary Figure Painting by Lea Baeksteiner: February 2-25, 2018

The Piano Craft Galery invites you to the opening reception of Current Mood Series—Contemporary Figure Painting by Lea Baecksteiner on Saturday February 3, 2018 from 6:00-8:00pm

Please join us!


 2017 - Moods

Lea Baecksteiner

"Today, I'm going back to explore the art and meaning of painting per se. What is painting? What are form, pattern, plane, and color, and what are they doing for painting?

It is with my Current Mood series how I pursue this explorational journey. For this series, I've decided to stick with and focus on figurative painting, and I hope to produce up to 20 paintings before the end of year."

Lea was born in Switzerland and received her degree in Painting and Illustration from neueKUNSTschule Basel (newARTschool Basel, Switzerland).

This is her first US solo show.


Current Mood 21—oil on cardboard


Current Mood 19—oil on cardboard


Current Mood 17—oil on cardboard

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