Four Directions in Contemporary Landscapes, May 3-26, 2019

Kaphammer, O’Connor, Sawyer, Schwartz

While the artists share a love of landscape, each explores the genre from their own point of view. Their use of color, form, and mark making is both personal and distinctive. Through their art the artists tell a story, make a statement, or offer a perspective uniquely their own. The result is an exhibition rich in contrast and connection.
Opening reception: May 3, 6–9 pm.

Closing reception: Sunday May 26, 3-5 pm.

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Four Directions in Contemporary Landscape explores the genre from the artists’ unique points of view. The exhibition will be open to the public from May 3 – 26, 2019 at The Piano Craft Gallery, 793 Tremont Street Boston, MA  02118.  Gallery hours: Fridays from 6-8 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 12 – 5pm.

Dave Kaphammer, Tractor, Snow and Shadow
Dave Kaphammer, Tractor, Snow and Shadow

Kaphammer is focused on the abstract patterns of light and shadow falling on a scene. In this exhibit, he is exploring old tractors and trucks left to sit and rust, the beauty of machines past their prime, becoming part of the landscape. He brings their stories to life through his depiction of highlights, shadow patterns, and energetic mark-making.

Laurinda O’Connor, Summer’s End
Laurinda O’Connor, Summer’s End

O’Connor strives to let simplified strokes of color and line create a path into a scene and moment in time. She pushes herself to capture the sense she feels from the landscape as well as to create the up-close excitement of color, texture, and expression on the surface of her paper.

Diane Reed Sawyer,  Making the Connection
Diane Reed Sawyer, Making the Connection

Sawyer plays with shape and reflection, capturing light and luminescence in the sky, water, and landscape. Her aerial images portray our world from a radically different perspective and raise questions about what we value and how we have chosen to live on our increasingly fragile planet earth.

Janet Schwartz, Shadow on the Hillside
Janet Schwartz, Shadow on the Hillside

Schwartz has developed an extensive body of work focused on urban and highway landscapes. A cross between contemporary realism, impressionism and abstraction, her pastels and oil paintings offer the viewer a glimpse through the lens of a windshield, blurring and distorting the sharp reality of the world outside.

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