Hip-Hop Dance/Movement Therapy

Piano Craft Gallery is pleased to present:

Hip-Hop Dance/Movement Therapy

Explore yourself in this immersive Hip-Hop dance movement therapy class led by licensed dance therapist and friend of the gallery, Yaya.

Saturday March 18th 5:30-7PM

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Yaya enjoys stepping and dancing who is currently a dance and step coach. She holds three World of Step championships titles in USA, Peru, and Africa.

Yaya is a graduate student at Lesley University in the field of clinical mental health counseling; specializing in dance movement therapy, with a strong focus on grief, behavior, and trauma.

She is a strong believer that dance movement therapy has a unique ability to reach those that don’t communicate through verbal words.

REQUIREMENTS: Please come prepared with the following.

  1. Journal and writing utensil
  2. Yoga Mat
  3. Bottled Water
  4. Active/Comfortable Wear

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