Per the City of Boston's COVID-19 Guidelines, masks will be required to be worn by all visitors.

The Piano Craft Gallery is excited to host

Inferno work by Haley Neville

Join us for the Gallery Hours:

Friday October 29: 6-8PM

Saturday October 30: 12-5PM

Sunday October 31: 12-5PM


"I’m often asked about my “obsession” with the figure. I process people through expressions and body language, how people stand, and move through the world. My work focuses mostly on expressive figurative works. Nude, but not sexualized, large images of women’s bodies. I focus on torsos and full frontal views as a commentary on the male gaze, what is fetishized and lusted after presented in a plain non-sexual way. Fire is a recurring motif through my artwork and my thoughts. Fire can burn brightly to provide light and illumination, but we often associate fire with something darker, not a bright soft glow but destructive burning, raging, ravaging of the landscape, fire as consumer. The fire represents both internal struggles and rage but also a deep inner fire of desire and striving, burning it all to the ground and growing from the ashes. The cycle of destruction and regrowth, how we consume products, services, and one another, and what we let consume us and our thoughts.

Illumination, fire, consuming, drowning in judgement, being smothered by others’ assumptions, screaming to be heard, what we feel inside and how others perceive us, are all themes I explore through expressive figures and parts in isolation.

Dante's inferno is often described as a tale of fire and ice, which is where I drew the inspiration for the show title. There are recurring themes of fire and drowning in fire or ice or the various rivers of hell. Burning and drowning are two metaphors I often use in figurative speech and in my figurative work."


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