Look Around :: Anson Rap$ Live w/ Shane Dylan

The Piano Craft Gallery is excited to host

ANSON RAP$ - @raaaaaaaps
Anita Dias - @anitadpoetry
Displaying artists + live painting
Jamal Pinnock - @89styles
Sohyoung Park - @soyhyoung11
Daniel Fairclough - @yahomied
( Will generate direct link 5 hours before show )
In person & online

The Piano Craft Gallery, Inc. is located in a historic Boston landmark and works to eliminate common barriers to accessing the arts such as race, education level, and class by guiding our operation through an anti-racist and inclusive lens.  The Piano Craft Gallery, Inc. does this by sharing, promoting, and celebrating the work of racially, culturally, and socio-economically diverse artists of all abilities with the public. This results in diverse networks of individuals accessing the gallery space and experiencing the arts.  The Piano Craft Gallery, Inc. provides a free, handicapped accessible venue in Boston where people can enjoy and learn about the diversity of art-making and performing in the Greater Boston area.  Additionally, the Piano Craft Gallery, Inc. provides an affordable community venue for public and private events.

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