Outside the b.ox, presented by bistara: June 30-July 2, 2017


Boston, Massachusetts – Outside the b.ox will be presented by bistara June 30-July 2, 2017, at the Piano Craft Gallery.

Bistara presents Outside the b.ox: a gallery show showcasing the works of Boston’s most talented creative college freelancers. Experience creative entrepreneurship through photography, film, design and other mixed media on view. Participate in daring weekend workshops and contribute to fearless conversations that will shape tomorrow’s creative industry. Our goal: fueling your creativity.

Opening Reception: Friday, June 30, 12-7 p.m.

Gallery Hours: Saturday 12-10 p.m. | Sunday 12-6 p.m.

Featured Sponsors: Red Bull, Eat Your Coffee, Mighty Squirrel

Gallery Opening – Friday, Jun 30 | 7 PM – 10 PM
8 PM | Pop Up Concert with Ana Maria Villa

From Bogotá, Colombia, semi finalist on La Voz Colombia, performer and vocalist Ana Maria’s style ranges from Latin American folk, Spanish rhythms, and Flamenco. She is currently working on her first full-length album with her coworker at Flamenco Boston, Anthony Tran, while also working on the promotion and expansion of the company inside and outside the New England area.

9 PM | Pop Up Concert with Marco Mares
From Mexico City, Marco brings an exciting performance packed with audience-artist interaction full of fun, funky pop mixed with romantic lyrics in Spanish. For several weeks he has been positioned on Spotify’s Peru Top 50 Viral playlist on the first spots, as well as on Mexico’s Top 50 Viral. Mares’ soulful music reflects on love in its purest form.

Saturday, Jul 1 | Gallery Hours: 12-10 PM
1 PM | Workshop | The Business of Being Healthy and Happy with Josh Gershon
YOU CAN do anything today! Learn how to manifest your innate desires into entrepreneurial action, whether that’s building a business, getting your side-hustle or creative project off the ground, or making a difference within your organization.

3 PM | Workshop | How to be a Game-Changer in your Community with Shivank Taksali
What makes you unique? Each of us have a story – one that gives you the power to affect lives. Learn how to set yourself up for opportunities that allow you to touch as many lives as possible. Build habits like meditation and keeping a gratitude list to carry forward the inspiration and momentum across changing environments. You’re not just one in a million, you are one in one.

5 PM | Workshop | How to Start a Clothing Line with Jack Rokous
Jack, founder of Roko Design explains the process of printing custom apparel and producing stickers while providing the opportunity for attendees to make their own stuff.

8 PM | Fitness | ILLUMINATE: Move, Groove + Flow with Sarah Gaines and music by RickExpress
You work all week, all day but do you ever give yourself a moment to slow down? Take part in a fantastical evening filled with deep house rhythms and sensational surroundings. Get your body moving and let everything go.

Sunday, Jul 2 | Gallery Hours: 12-6 PM
12 PM | Workshop | How to Create a Social Impact with Music with Samuel Batista
What is “The Cycle of Opportunities” and how can you be a part of that cycle? Explore the concept of social change through music and understand how to create positive impact .

2 PM | Pop Up Concert with luhx.
luhx. is a Synth-Soul band formed in Boston, MA. The group pairs their undeniable groove with melancholy lyrics to create haunting tunes. luhx. are strikingly unique guaranteeing each song leaves you hungry for the next. Their passion for soul comes from listening to artists like Allen Stone and Oh Wonder.

4 PM | Pop Up Concert with EchopathiQ
EchopathiQ is a duet formed by the musicians Dimitris Menexopoulos (Greece) and Gerson Eguiguren (Ecuador). Blending World Music elements with Electronics, they create spontaneous compositions through interactive improvisation. Their goal is to collectively explore the unique combination of their instruments (Lyra, Viola and Voice) while placing it into a contemporary perspective through the addition of lush sound design.

All events are Free Admission.

The Piano Craft Gallery, dedicated to offering thought-provoking and engaging exhibitions, is a historic Boston landmark located at 793 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, visit www.pianocraftgallery.com or www.facebook.com/gallerypf.

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