Romula—Create What You See: April 6-29, 2018

The Piano Craft Gallery invites you to the opening reception of Romula's Create What You See on

Friday April 6, 2018 from 6:00-9:00pm.

Gallery Hours throughout the exhibition: 6-8:00 Fridays; 12-5:00 Saturdays & Sundays

Please join us!


"I am a self-taught artist who creates paintings exclusively with my fingers, hands, and my imagination. “Create what you see not what one tells you to see” is my philosophy.

My earliest and most powerful artistic inspiration comes from the 1974 Pompeii exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which I attended at age four. I thought that the carbonized people frozen into their last moments were sculptures. I began expressing myself by sculpting figures out of clay.

Years later, working in paint, I now use my left hand primarily as a palette and ruler while my right hand does most of the manipulation in my sculptural paintings.  My technique -- using oil or a mixture of oil and acrylic -- enables me to mold the paint on the canvas to create stories. These images arise from thoughts, memories, and travels.

My art and its messages are simple yet complex and are intended to be contemplative yet enjoyable.  My belief is that art is to be shared in many forms and it is the duty of an artist to society to tell a story whether it be complex or just whimsical.  My art allows you to paint yourself into the picture and to connect with others in the story.

Please play, laugh, and remind yourself of the beauty, glamour, and mystery that we all are."

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