Speak Up: a Juried Exhibition by Arts Administration Association New England—Nov 6-Nov 29, 2020


The Piano Craft Gallery presents Speak Up, a juried exhibition of presented by: Arts Administration Association New England

Show Dates: November 6th, 2020 - November 29th, 2020

 Opening Night: November 6th, 2020, 6-9PM
(social distancing and masks required)
Gallery Hours: Fridays 6-8PM, Saturdays 12-5PM, Sundays 12-5PM

Join us!


Claudia Fiks, Founder of Arts Administration Association New England, Director of Development and Institutional Advancement, Fuller Craft Museum.


Christine O'Donnell, Owner and Gallery Manager of Beacon Gallery

Timothea Pham, Mass Cultural Council Community Initiative Program Officer

Marlon Forrester, Fine Art Professional, Lecturer, Educator


Julia Csekö, independent Curator, Visual Artist, Instructor at Montserrat College of Art.

Speak Up

Welcome back. This show was planned to happen before the pandemic. At that time, many topics inspired us to select the title, Speak Up. Social and racial justice, equality, inclusion, diversity, immigration, and elections were the original driving forces. A few months later, the topics are still relevant and have multiplied exponentially. Polarization greatly intensified, becoming a disruptive force in our society and communities, causing violence and acts of hatred to erupt amongst us. We witnessed an alarming intensification of climate change-related tragedies. We helplessly watched fires ravaged in Australia, North, and South America, further damaging the already fragile balance of ecosystems and biospheres that sustain our lives. We've witnessed and stood together in protests that present themselves in a wave-like motion, advancing and receding, without losing momentum, and most importantly, here to stay. And, we are collectively facing the enemy of all, the Coronavirus.

More than ever, we must use our voice and analyze the options before us. And as always, choose wisely, collaborate, and find alternatives to avoid a dead end. We have the opportunity to question and improve the way we interact with one another socially, financially, professionally, and the ways we interact with the world around us or witness the continuous degradation of the core values within a just, equal, and peaceful society.

Whether displaying a call to action, for social injustice, the fight against inequality, violence, racism, gender discrimination, sexual oppression, the climate crisis, personal traumas, but also; beauty, visions of a bright future, manifestations of happiness and alternatives, utopias, and collaborative thinking, artists have been using their voices in the most inventive ways to facilitate difficult discussions.

We believe in a multitude of ideas and perspectives.

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