MySilentDance Presents Vision Board Silent Party, October 26th

The Piano Craft Gallery presents an evening of vision board creation with MySilentDance.

Join us!

"Your vision can be a reality, come join MySilentDance with a community of other individuals that want to set goals and accomplish their desires. Create a vision board while listening to the tunes that trigger your imagination. "

"Welcome to our Second Annual Vision Board Silent Party! What a great way to kickoff off 2020! with a vision in mind.

For some of you folks that haven’t created a vision board, we hope this opportunity brings an awesome experience to relax and have a good time with friends!

How to create your own vision board? You simply cut out images for your big goals, dreams or all areas of your life you wish to see change or enhanced. A vision board is a powerful visual reminder of what you have to accomplish.

Headphones will be provided to each person. While creating your vision board, you will have 3 stations of your choice. One station will be a podcast to stimulate the mind, second station will have mediation/ soothing Jazz music and the third station will be hiphop, pop and r&b music.

All materials will be provided. We strongly advise that you bring your own magazines or preferable images that you would like to use to create your vision board."

Tickets can be purchased here

Join us!


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