You Might be Right: Recent Paintings by Ingrid Scheibler—Jan 3-26, 2020

The Piano Craft Gallery welcomes you to join us for You Might be Right: Recent Paintings by Ingrid Scheibler.

Show Dates: January 3, 2020 - January 26, 2020
Gallery Hours: Friday 6-8PM & Saturday/Sunday 12:00-5:00PM

Opening Reception
Friday January 3, 2020 6-8PM

Join us!


"My paintings are a pictorial conversation in real time. In genuine dialogue one has to be open to the presence of otherness, be it another person, tradition, history, or a work of art.

I approach the canvas in an improvisational dialogue I want to explore but don’t know its end point. I see the physical space of the canvas as containing the conversation as it is played out through marks, gestures, intention, accident, space, and materials. This process of discovery is alive with energy, sometimes frustration, and animated by both formal concerns and a psychological awareness of the facts of embodiment and embeddedness in a web of relationships—person, woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter."


"I am painting my side of the conversation as well as the other voice, and being open to this other voice is what animates my work and allows it to unfold on the canvas. Kinetic energy is generated by a dialogue of complementary opposites: abstract/figurative, hard edge abstraction and more gestural painting, control and accident, order and chaos, humor and pathos."

"Having completed a PhD in German social theory and philosophy at Cambridge University in 1994. I taught philosophy at Boston College as an Asst. Professor from 1994-2001, with a focus on 19th and 20th century European philosophy, aesthetics and feminist philosophy. I have published numerous articles on aesthetics and hermeneutics in academic journals, and a book titled Gadamer: Between Heidegger and Habermas. My academic interests influence my approach to painting in different ways. For example, my book examined the concept of dialogue, which is central to my approach to painting.

I have pursued my interests in art and museum culture, working with the public art curator at MIT’s List Visual Art Center on her commission of the 2004 Venice Bienalle, and consulting as an academic with the LEF Foundation, an arts-grant-making family foundation. 

I have been an artist (works on paper) for over twenty years, and I began painting in acrylic/mixed media on canvas in 2015.  My work has been shown in NYC, Connecticut, Cape Cod and throughout the Greater Boston area at venues such as the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Holzwasser Gallery at New Arts Center, Judi Rotenberg Gallery and LabCentral, Inc. at MIT."

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